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The primary objective of AATD's Program Certification is to serve HRD Professionals by providing quality assurance for their programs in the form of a Quality Seal. Receiving certification for a training program, coaching or consulting system is a major accomplishment for training institutes, training departments, corporate universities, software developers, trainers, coaches and consultants.


A team of three subject matter experts evaluates each training program or coaching/consulting system and compares it with well established industry standards and best practices.  Here are some of the questions asked during the evaluation process:

  • Is the instructional system design in accordance with industry standards?
  • How high is the praxis-relevance of the program content?
  • Are the learning objectives clearly communicated?
  • Is there an assessment that measures the entrance behavior?
  • Are there measurable performance indicators for the competencies?
  • Is there an assessment that measures the terminal behavior?


The AATD Program Certification helps document that  training programs or coaching/consulting systems meet the highest standards for quality. Certification shows clients and their participants that they receive quality programs, coaching or consulting.

  • Assures quality standards compliance.
  • Demonstrates the instructional system effectiveness.
  • Recognizes the competency-based program content.
  • Points out the praxis-relevance of a program or system.
  • Helps in the marketing of programs and systems.


  • Send us your contact information: name, email, address, phone number, website.
  • Receive an email with eligibility criteria and a program certification application.
  • Complete the free application and return it to us for review and approval.
  • After approval of your certification application provide payment for the review phase.
  • Send us a complete copy of your training program or consulting/coaching system.
  • We will review your program and approve it or send you valuable improvement tips.
  • Make the necessary improvements in your program and email us a copy of the changes.
  • Once the final payment is received, we will send you a certification # and the quality seal.
  • You can now use the quality seal in all your marketing activities as you see fit.


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Certification Fee: $100

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